The Most Affordable Smartphones of 2017

Our Exclusive List of Affordable Smartphones

Written By: Cassandra Bondie

Are you looking for the most affordable smartphones of 2017? We don't blame you. With new releases from both Samsung and Apple, Galaxy and iPhone creations are becoming more and more expensive. The new iPhone X, according to Apple, is the most expensive iPhone ever released - and the most impressive. If you want a smartphone off the beaten path that will meet your expectations without breaking the bank, we have a list of suggestions for you!

It's important to remember, though, that your smartphone can be your lifeline. This is how you'll communicate with friends, family, and potential employers. You'll use your phone to access social media, watch videos, and text friends. Choose a smartphone with hardware capable of meeting your photo-taking and data-using expectations. It isn't about the brand. The bottom line focuses on hardware, speed, and capabilities.

Are you a simple smartphone user? You might want to look at affordable smartphones between $100 and $200. Do you need a more complex option with a decent camera? You'll want to explore smartphones between $200 and $300. For a smartphone with the speed and data processing capabilities of leading phones, look for phones $300 or more.

The following three smartphones are great choices for more conservative phone owners. We'll start with the iPhone SE. Then, we'll take a look at the Nexus 5x. We'll finish up with the Moto G3.

iPhone SE

This smartphone is the only release from Apple that meets the needs of budget-friendly shoppers. There are several versions of the phone, including a $399 option. Though this option is more expensive than other affordable smartphones on this list, you'll be able to use the iPhone brand. Unfortunately, the $399 version of the iPhone SE only has 16 GB of memory and does not include a slot for an SD card. This will inevitably become frustrating, and you might end up needing a new phone altogether to meet your expectations.

Instead, we suggesting purchasing the $499 version, which offers 64 GB of memory. If you desperately want an iPhone, but aren't looking to spend $600 or $700 on an upgrade, this option is clearly best. Still, there are other brands to consider - and we're going to outline them here. The real question is, how much is the iPhone brand worth to you?

Nexus 5x

The Nexus 5x, according to Business Insider, is the best smartphone in the $300-$399 price range. It offers incredible value for a reasonable price. There are two versions, including a 32 GB option with features and speed you'd find in a high-end smartphone from Samsung or Apple. It offers a quality camera from both the front and back. It also follows Google's wireless service plan, in which you are only required to pay for what you use. 

For an even more affordable option, consider the 16 GB version of the Nexus 5x for $199.

The Moto G3

If you're looking for incredibly affordable smartphones, we suggest the Moto G3. This is perhaps the only phone under $199 worth considering. It can be somewhat underpowered but can work quickly enough to get the job done. As we mentioned before, you'll want to create a list of expectations for your smartphone before making a purchase. The Moto G3 may work perfectly for someone who rarely uses heavy applications, but it won't work for those who enjoy gaming on a regular basis.

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