Galaxy S8
Written By: Cassandra Bondie

In late March, Samsung will release the long-awaited Galaxy S8. Unfortunately, there won’t be much left to reveal. Leaks throughout the month of March have showcased many of the impressive characteristics the new phone has to offer – and consumers are ready to give the product a chance, despite mistakes after Samsung’s latest releases.

Here are some of the most credible leaks to date, in addition to some of the biggest rumors:

1. The Galaxy S8 phones will have narrower borders than the Galaxy S7 phones. This rumor has been supported by several video leaks and multiple news articles.

2. Following the precedent set with recent releases, Samsung has designed the S8 with rounded corners rather than sharp corners. This rumor has been supported by multiple YouTube video leaks.

3. The Galaxy S8 will likely be released in two models with different sizes – much like the Galaxy S7. Currently, news sources believe the larger model will be called the Galaxy S8 Plus.

4. Two separate sources believe the S8 will have a curved screen on both models, unlike the S7 release, which kept a flat screen on the Galaxy S7 and a curved screen on the Galaxy S7 Edge.

5. If two models exist, both may have larger screens than the S7 models, according to The Bell.

6. Both models will likely be quite large – even more so than the phones released before them.

7. The home button may not be physical. Instead, it may be embedded underneath a glass panel. Instead of mechanically pushing the button to reach the home page, you’ll simply need to touch the button.

8. There will be a fingerprint scanner on the back of the phone, according to a short video released on YouTube. This differs from models in which Samsung placed the scanner on the home button.

9. The front-facing camera may take the best photos on Samsung models to date, with an auto-focus feature that will make selfies possible without manual adjustments.

10. According to Forbes, the processors will be powerful with a chip called the Snapdragon 835. In fact, other companies like LG couldn’t get the chip because Samsung needed so many for the upcoming release.

11. Samsung has confirmed an AI assistant called Bixby will be featured in the Galaxy S8. It will control general processes and Bixby-powered applications.

12. Many features will mirror characteristics of the S7 – which was an ultimately powerful release for Samsung.

13. You may be able to plug the S8 into a computer monitor to use a version of Windows 10 with a keyboard and mouse.

14. You will most likely be able to access the phone using an eye scanner – much like the one built into the Galaxy Note 7.

These are the most popular rumors surrounding the upcoming release of the Samsung Galaxy S8. Which rumors are true and which are false, however, remains to be seen. The full characteristics associated with the phone will be released on March 29 in New York City.
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