Written By: Cassandra Bondie

According to such credible sources as ValueWalk, Motherboard, and Business Insider, the Samsung Galaxy S8 may be the most fragile phone ever manufactured.

ValueWalk notes that the S8 has been “hugely popular” and “obviously expensive” – but also extremely fragile. The good news? The parts needed to repair the smartphone can be found relatively cheap (and simply), making it possible for third-party repair shops to earn some much-needed income.

“Ideally, you’d hope that Samsung would make a screen less prone to breaking,” a Motherboard article on the subject reads. “But besides that, it’s good news for everyone…all phones will break; all you can hope for is that it’s cost-effective to repair the phone if that happens.”

In today’s ever-evolving technological world, both auto and electronic device companies are making it difficult for repair shops to help consumers. Modern manufacturers want owners to return to home stores for expensive and hard-to-find parts, thus maximizing on potential profit. Apple, in particular, has required iPhone users to drive hundreds of miles to have their phones repaired under warranty.

Motherboard writer Jason Koebler explains that a number of repair shops believe S8 and S8 Plus screens are non-resistant to drops. This is likely because Samsung removed the majority of bezels from the design and covered the phone with glass. A bezel is a grooved ring that holds the glass or plastic cover of a phone face. The S8 is made almost entirely of glass and has little top or bottom bezel – the reason why Samsung has marketed the phone with an “infinity screen.”

This design, according to Motherboard, makes screen replacement not only possible, but cheaper, in third-party shops.  In China, screens are being replaced for less than $200. That is anywhere from $50 to $100 cheaper than screen replacements for the Galaxy S7. The repair is also worth the money, considering a new S8 can cost nearly $800 alone.

“The price point is good, the reparability is there,” Justin Carroll, the owner of Fruit Fixed (a smartphone repair shop in Richmond, Virginia) told Motherboard. “Durability-wise, it’s definitely going to break, no question about that.”,

SquareTrade, an electronic insurance company that often conducts breakability tests, found the Galaxy S8 the most breakable phone of all time – giving credibility to smartphone repair shops around the world.

“S8 is the first phone we’ve tested that’s cracked on the first drop on ALL sides,” the company said in a statement.

While this is problematic, it isn’t the only controversial issue Samsung’s newest release has faced since April.

Other problems listed for the Galaxy S8 release during the past month include a restarting problem, a pixel burn issue, wireless charging and Wi-Fi errors, and red screen complaints. Some of these items, such as restarting and wireless charging issues, are common in new smartphones.

Only time will tell whether or not the S8’s status as “the most breakable phone of all time” will come back to haunt Samsung’s reputation in the future.
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