Our List of Top Smartphone App Developers

The People Who Make Your Phone Unique

Written By: Cassandra Bondie

Have you ever wondered about the genius behind your favorite smartphone applications? In this article, we've compiled a list of Smartphone App Developers. These aren't just any developers - you're about the see the best of the best.

Why should you care about Smartphone App Developers? An app is an app, right?  Not necessarily. With thousands of applications to choose from, a certain level of quality is expected. We hope this list will help you determine which applications are worthy of investment - and which ones are likely space-wasters. Let's get started!

Willowtree, Incorporated

Willowtree, Incorporated is a Mobile Product Agency that focuses on Mobile Application Development for companies like TimeWarner, Pepsico, Wyndham, Johnson and Johnson, Nestle, Fisher Price, Fox News, and Regal Entertainment Group. If you've downloaded an official application from any of these brands, it was likely built by Willowtree. The company has been named one of the best agencies in Business to Client Mobile Services. Willowtree partners with Microsoft, SAP Consulting, and Google Developers. Named the largest independent mobile agency in the United States, Willowtree uses the "college town advantage" by hiring top-tier talent from leading universities in low-cost locations across the country.

Dom & Tom

Dom & Tom is another Smartphone App Developer focused on user experience and development for both iOS and Android devices. Located in New York, New York, Dom & Tom works with McDonald's, Tyson, Priceline, CNN, Hearst, General Mills, and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Dom & Tom focuses on four branches of application development: research and planning, strategy and design, engineering, and deployment. The company has launched more than two hundred and fifty projects across a number of platforms. It can build using any language, stack, or platform for both web and mobile. Dom & Tom employs just one hundred team members in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago with a focus on Media, Finances, Start-Ups, and Entertainment.


Intellectsoft is a Smartphone App Developer responsible for engineering serious software solutions. Intellectsoft platforms include healthcare software, automotive solutions, financial software development, retail applications, and human resources. Clients like Harley-Davison, Ernst & Young, and Eurostar trust Intellectsoft with their daily operations. Intellectsoft has a top-notch blog available for anyone interested in learning more about programming, business, and mobile application development.


Located in San Francisco, California, Appster places more than fifty percent of its stock on mobile app development. This Smartphone App Developer has invested in twelve multi-million dollar startups, four hundred global employees, three hundred rapid-concept workshops, and two hundred and fifty projects. These statistics cover the last six years alone. As Business Insider wrote, "There's not much humility to their vision: they say openly they want to do what Henry Ford did to cars, or what Rockefeller did for oil. They want Appster to be the ideas development hub of the world." We can't blame them.


Ready4S is a strongly developed company created for start-ups on both iOS and Android platforms. It was voted Developer of the Year in 2016 by AppFutura. In addition, Ready4S partners with companies like Roche, Book Apart, Lumesse, and Coca-Cola. More than eight clients, thus far, work with Ready4S, which boasts a near-impossible five-star rating. The company offers iOS, Android, and Web development for companies in the United States and the United Kingdom.


OpenXcell boasts enormous clients like Motorola, Google, Kotak, UTV, and the University of Florida. The company uses advanced app strategies, designs, development, support, and maintenance to keep clients coming back for more. In the past eight years, OpenXcell has roped in Google, hired more than two hundred technology experts, delivered more than seven hundred pieces of software to clients, and reached more than five hundred worldwide clients. Affected industries include e-commerce, integration services, software and technology, and logistics and shipping.

Y Media Labs

Y Media Labs focuses more than sixty-five percent of operations on mobile app development. Based in Redwood City, California, the company is trusted by brands like Facebook, The Home Depot, PayPal, Sesame Street, Staples, eBay, KeyBank, The North Face, and L'Oreal. On their docket, you'll find twenty-eight Fortune 500 Companies, nearly three hundred innovators and storytellers, and more than three hundred million users. Y Media Labs owns locations in California, New York, Indianapolis, and Atlanta.

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