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Six Ideas You Should Explore Today

Written By: Cassandra Bondie

We've all done had that moment. We're watching a movie, eating dinner, shopping, or toying around with our smartphone. Then, it hits. The most wonderful Smartphone App Idea in existence - and it hasn't even been created yet! In this article, we're going to share six forward-thinking Smartphone App Ideas. Many of these ideas have already come to life through somewhat flawed, but very real, platforms. We've noted possible downloads for each option. Let's get started!

Give Information On Deals Nearby

Imagine you're walking downtown. Your phone buzzes. A new text message or notification shares the great news. Your favorite clothing store, located just around the corner, is having a huge blowout sale! For years, smartphone users have begged for this particular Smartphone App Idea to reach fruition. Fortunately, there are several location-based shopping apps available for download today - many of them free. These apps include Notify Nearby (which provides information about brands based on real-time locations and noted preferences), ShopAdvisor (which creates a multi-channel mobile shopping platform for retail brands and media companies), Shopular (which pushes through relevant deals to your smartphone), and RetailMeNot (which finds and saves coupons from retailers and brands - in addition to providing push notifications about deals based on location).

Try Downloading: Notify Nearby, ShopAdvisor, Shopular, or RetailMeNot

Check Food Freshness

Are you tired of spending money on fresh produce and meat, only to watch it go bad in your fridge? Wouldn't it be nice if an application existed that could remind you when your food was getting ready to go bad? Even better, what if an application could scan your food and determine whether or not it was edible? While this exact app doesn't yet exist, there are several downloads you can use to organize your fridge and pantry - including Fridge Pal (which allows you to track groceries in your fridge, freezer, and pantry), Fresh Box (which allows you to take photos of individual items, adding its name, shelf life, and expiration date for easy tracking), and Grocery Hero (which takes inventory of your fridge before providing creative and unique recipes). These Smartphone App Ideas are great for those who are too busy to keep track of their kitchen at all times.

Try Downloading: Fridge Pal, Fresh Box, or Grocery Hero

Find Disabled Parking

It would be nice if an application could share where, exactly, disabled parking is located. To solve this particular problem, we suggest downloading Parking Mobility. This free Android application reports disabled parking abuse and improves overall accessibility in your community. You can also mark the location of accessible parking spaces within thirty seconds. Not only can users find accessible parking, but they can eliminate illegal use of handicapped parking spaces.

Try Downloading: Parking Mobility

Book Drinks in Advance

Many young smartphone users would like to see an application that allows party-goers to order drinks at bars and clubs before their arrival. It saves wait time and makes it easier to pick up the tab. Unfortunately, the closest application in existence is the Starbucks App, which offers pre-arrival orders for customers in a hurry to hit their meeting or start their workday. Clubs and bars have yet to reach the same level of convenience. A company named Flowtab almost brought the idea to fruition, but it failed before it could reach the general public.

Provide Violent Neighborhood Notifications

While it might be nice to receive a notification whenever you walk or drive through a bad area, applications in this sector generally focuses on your home. Is your neighborhood safe? If you want to receive these statistics on your mobile device, consider downloading the Nextdoor app. This application is a location-based social media network meant to connect neighbors and improve the overall safety of your street. Another useful application is PhillyBlotter, a start-up located in Philadelphia that maps crimes that have taken place in each neighborhood.

Try Downloading: Nextdoor

Provide Home Security

There are several dozen applications in existence that can protect your home when you aren't there. These apps include Vivint Sky (which can control lighting and small appliances, program and preset the thermostat, lock and unlock doors, and allow you to view live video of your home), Frontpoint (which can arm and disarm our alarm system and record video footage), XFINITY Home (which can quickly arm or disarm your system, create clips of key events, or provide automatic alerts), and Protect America SMART Connected (which can manage energy use, alert your phone if issued are detected, and steam live video to your device). These applications exist to keep you safe.

Try Downloading: Frontpoint, Vivint Sky, XFINITY Home, or Protect America SMART Connected

Try some of these impressive Smartphone App Ideas today!
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