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Written By: Cassandra Bondie

At Cellular Returns, we do more than offer to purchase your used smartphone. We're also in a position to repair your current smartphone. Our Phone Repair Shop is impressive in terms of services offered, prices, and convenience. In this article, we'll outline why your device should be repaired (rather than ignored), how our process works, common device problems that should be treated, and current repair rates.

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Why Your Device Should Be Repaired

Thousands of smartphone owners would rather live with their semi-broken phone than invest in a necessary repair. We don't blame them, either. Right now, strict warranties make it difficult for third-party repair shops to find customers. Apple, for example, requires iPhones to be repaired in specific Apple Stores. Allowing a third-party repair shop to fix your phone could mean termination of your warranty - leaving you in the lurch if your phone needs to be replaced. In some cases, the nearest Apple Store is dozens (or hundreds) of miles away. Thus, many iPhones users are willing to use a cracked screen or impaired smartphone.

Android users sometimes find themselves in the same boat.

Lawmakers are working to grant customers the right to choose their repair shop. Until that time comes, it may be worth voiding your warranty to have your device fixed. A shattered phone screen may be usable, but it can also hurt you. There are also overheating and electric factors to consider. Are you putting yourself or others at risk? It might seem like "everyone" has a shattered phone these days, but that doesn't make it right.

Our Step-by-Step Process

At Cellular Returns, we make phone repair easy. Start by getting a free quote online. Then, print your free shipping label, pack and send your device, and wait for your fixed smartphone to arrive in the mail. We'll keep you updated throughout the process - and we promise to return your smartphone in a reasonable amount of time! We understand the importance of having a functioning phone on-hand. Our experts are known for their speed and accuracy.

Common Device Problems

We currently repair iPhones, iPads, Samsung Galaxies, and the Nokia Lumia.

Common repair needs include:

(1) Screen Replacement. This repair will completely replace your cracked or shattered screen.

(2) Battery Replacement. This repair will fight overheating or charging issues that your phone may have.

(3) Power Button. This repair will restore functionality to your power button.

(4) Charging Port. This repair will restore functionality to your charging port.

(5) Back Camera. This repair will fix a number of issues that could make your back camera difficult or impossible to use.

(6) Front Camera. This repair will fix a number of issues that could make your front camera difficult or impossible to use.

(7) LCD Replacement. This repair will replace your Liquid-Crystal Display, lighting up your screen and making it functional again.

(8) Speaker Earpiece. This repair will allow you to make phone calls properly.

(9) Home Button. This repair will restore functionality to your home button.

We offer all of these repairs for $300 or less. Most repairs are less than $60!

Our Current Rates

To help you understand the affordability of our Phone Repair Shop, we've provided a list of all repairs for the iPhone 6, the Samsung Galaxy S6, and the iPad 4 respectively.

(1) Screen Replacement - $69, $100, $99

(2) Battery Replacement - $49, $59, $89

(3) Power Button - $49, $59, $89

(4) Charging Port - $49, $59, $89

(5) Back Camera - $39, $59, $89

(6) Front Camera - $39, $59, $89

(7) LCD Replacement - $69, $219, $149

(8) Speaker Earpiece - $49, $59

(9) Home Button -$39, $100

*The iPad 4 does not have speaker earpiece or home button repair needs. We do, however, offer headphone jack repairs for iPads. The iPad 4 is listed at $89.

These are all current rates, based on the date of this article's publication in February of 2018. Rates can go up or down, depending on the age of the device in question and the ability to repair.

Still - compare these prices to mall kiosks and your nearest Apple Store. We take pride in our ability to offer impressive deals and convenience to smartphone users across the United States. It doesn't get much easier than free shipping and low prices, and our Phone Repair Shop has both.

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