Cellular Returns

My Personal Experience Using Cellular Returns

An Honest, In-Depth Review

Written By: Cassandra Bondie

Since last summer, I've worked for the owner of Cellular Returns as a freelance writer, creating news-style blog posts and optimizing content for readers like you. Rarely, if ever, do I get the chance to personally use a service I've written about.

Earlier this month, my husband and I each purchased a Google Pixel 2. Before the upgrade, I used a Samsung Galaxy S5. It was an outdated phone, but it was capable of the essential functions I needed to stay organized.

Unfortunately, an old phone can't last forever. My Samsung Galaxy S5 remained in perfect condition, but I needed a serious storage, security, and assistant boost. The Google Pixel 2 met most, if not all, of my expectations.

I was left, of course, with a simple question. What should I do with my old phone?

I realized this was an opportunity to use a service I'd written about for nine months. And, perhaps, to leave an honest review for those reading the posts I've written. Fortunately, I have nothing but good things to share about my experience with Cellular Returns.

Let's start from the beginning.

Learning About Cellular Returns

Before I start working for a client, I like to conduct a little research of my own. Would you want to promote a service that doesn't work? After hearing about Cellular Returns, I looked for honest reviews. Here are some examples of what I found:

"We were very happy with our experience in selling our old smartphones. The process was quick and easy and we had the cash in our account in about two weeks." - 4/17/2017

"Selling my phone on Cellular Returns was just as advertised. I simply printed the label, shipped, and within one week, I was paid. Their estimate was spot-on and I would definitely use them again. Great company!" - 3/6/2017

"I sold my iPhone 6 to Cellular Returns and got a great price for it without the hassle of trying to sell it on eBay or other similar sites. I'm very happy with the service and would do it again! Received my payment in the estimated time." - 10/11/2016

The vast majority of reviewers shared positive experiences. I familiarized myself with the "1, 2, 3" process of obtaining a quote, shipping, and payment. I was convinced.

Obtaining a Free Quote

When the time came to use Cellular Returns myself, I visited the website and walked through the process of obtaining my free quote. For a Samsung Galaxy S5 in perfect condition, I was quoted fifty dollars. At a mall kiosk, I would have walked away with twenty bucks - maybe thirty.

The most common eBay listing price for a similar smartphone was eighty dollars, but that required the hassle of listing and shipping; not to mention waiting for the right buyer. I was more than satisfied with my quote from Cellular Returns - especially since my phone was three generations older than the recent model.

Printing, Packing, and Shipping

The printing, packing, and shipping portion of my experience was even easier than getting a quote. I chose my preferred method of payment (options include PayPal and mailed checks), printed my free shipping label, and wrapped my Samsung Galaxy S5 in the discarded packaging from my Google Pixel 2. The next day, I handed the box to my mailman. It worked out perfectly.


About three days after mailing the package, I received an email from Cellular Returns informing me the Samsung Galaxy S5 had been received. I was told the inspection process could take roughly two weeks and that I should expect an email if my quote needed to be altered. I appreciated the notification. Additional information is always a bonus when you're waiting for cash to arrive.

Payment Turnaround

Payment for my Samsung Galaxy S5 arrived promptly in my PayPal account four days after I received my arrival notification.

Quote Accuracy

I've written in many Cellular Returns articles that quote accuracy is based entirely on how you describe your smartphone. If you leave certain details out - such as scratches, cracked screens, or damaged parts - your quote will likely be changed. In my case, there were no issues. I received exactly the amount described in my initial quote.


I would highly recommend using Cellular Returns after your next smartphone purchase. The process was smooth and rewarding. Plus, I didn't have to leave my apartment, list my smartphone online, or pay for shipping. Next up - trying the Cellular Returns Repair Service.
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