Written By: Cassandra Bondie

In a recent Forbes article, author Gordon Kelly was able to confirm the design of Apple’s newest upcoming release – the iPhone 8.

“Working with case designer Nodus,” Kelly wrote. “I have been able to obtain CAD files for the iPhone 8 through its supply chain. We have rendered these to visualize the final design and I can confirm that, despite problems, fears Apple would fall back on a less ambitious ‘Plan B’ are unfounded.”

Kelly went on to explain that interested consumers can expect the iPhone 8 design to almost entirely eliminate chunky bezels from previous iPhones, in addition to adding an enlarged display with a front-facing camera.

“Apple will indeed replace the horizontally aligned dual rear camera of the iPhone 7 Plus with a vertically aligned shooter on the iPhone 8,” Kelly continued. “This switch is to support Apple’s big drive into Augmented Reality where horizontally aligned cameras are more effective and the phone is expected to be held in a landscape orientation.”

Kelly confirmed that Apple’s lightning port will remain, and there will be no headphone jack return or a switch to USB Type-C. He claims the biggest surprise is the power button, which nearly doubles in size for the iPhone 8, perhaps suggesting new technology or functionality that has yet to be unveiled.

“So how confident are Nodus and myself about renders?” Kelly asked. “To the extent that Nodus was happy for me to publicly disclose it as the source and reveal the company is prototyping its retail cases from them.”

That means pretty confident.

When will we know some official details about the upcoming iPhone 8 release? It could be several more weeks, according to Apple executives.

“New iPhones typically go on sale in September,” reads one Business Insider article. “Which means that a few days get included in Apple’s third calendar quarter. But some analysts have said the iPhone 8 may not start shipping until October or later.”

The article suggests that, when Apple reports its earnings in early August, the picture will become clearer.

“If Apple CEO Tim Cook and CFO Luca Maestri’s guidance for third-calendar-quarter revenue is on the high end, Apple may be expecting a few days or more of iPhone 8 sales to be included,” the article reads. “If revenue guidance is on the low end, that would suggest Apple doesn’t expect the iPhone 8 to be in customers’ hands before October.”

To make matters more complex, this year is Apple’s 10th iPhone Anniversary Celebration – and it would be highly out-of-character for the company to do anything less than mind blowing. Perhaps all the secrecy is hiding something worth waiting to see. If not, consumers will certainly make their impatience known.

While a “confirmation” of the product design has been given by an expert, there are still aspects of the iPhone 8 that remain shrouded in mystery. What will be unveiled when Apple finally releases its newest smartphone? We’ll have to wait and see.
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