Four Applications to Remove for Increased Smartphone Performance

Making Your Smartphone Stronger

Written By: Cassandra Bondie

Are you looking for Increased Smartphone Performance? Whether you own an iPhone, an Android, or another smartphone, certain applications can drain your battery and, over time, decrease the overall lifespan of your phone.

These four applications (and their categories) are notorious for causing performance issues. If you don’t use them, remove them. You'll see Increased Smartphone Performance in no time. Let's get started!


Millions of smartphone users have downloaded the Facebook application. This app was recently named the worst for “consuming your mobile data” and “taking up space on your phone.” If you use the application on a daily basis, we suggest changing your settings, allowing Facebook to update only when your phone is connected to Wi-Fi. If you don’t use the application often and prefer to check your computer or tablet for Facebook updates, delete it. If you absolutely cannot live without Facebook on your smartphone, try deleting other applications to make room.

Chat and Streaming Applications

Chat apps like WeChat, Snapchat, and WhatsApp are particularly bad for battery drain and mobile data usage, as are streaming apps like Spotify, Netflix, and Hulu. If you want to improve overall performance, allow these applications to update using only Wi-Fi or delete unnecessary apps altogether. For example, Netflix and Hulu can be accessed from a tablet, laptop, or television. You can also save data and battery life the old-fashioned way – by downloading the application when you need it and delete it when you’re finished. This is a popular method for road trips, when your smartphone is used more often than usual.

Unnecessary Google Apps

Surprisingly, a number of Google applications were named the worst offenders in a recent study. This includes Google Maps, Google Play Music, Google Plus, and Google Hangouts. Several of these applications launch automatically when your phone is turned on – and have the ability to run when you aren’t using them. If you don’t use these applications regularly, or at all, we suggest removing them from your smartphone entirely. You’ll notice a distinct difference in performance.

Battery Savers and Antivirus Apps

If an application claims to save battery life, prevent viruses, and “cleanse” your smartphone, it likely does the opposite. Your smartphone is already capable of making these things happen without third-party apps, which often do nothing in terms of improving smartphone performance. In-app advertisements can actually drain your battery. You’ll find that many battery-saving and antivirus applications are simply billboards disguised as must-have apps.

Other apps popular for heavy battery and data usage include Samsung pre-installed apps like AllShare, Push Service, and ChatON – as well as Google Docs, Text-to-Speech, SHAREit, Flipboard, Line, and Adobe Acrobat Reader.

To help improve phone performance, Mirror suggests following these steps:

·         Turn down your screen brightness

·         Turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS when you don’t need them

·         Turn off background data transfers

·         Restrict notifications

·         Clear your cache

·         Limit background features and in-app notifications

Spend an afternoon going through the contents of your smartphone. What can you remove to improve your battery life and lifespan?
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