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Five Hard-to-Beat Cellular Returns Benefits

What Makes Online Smartphone Sales Worthwhile

Written By: Cassandra Bondie

Do you have mixed feelings about selling your smartphone online through Cellular Returns? We've all been there. When the time comes to sell your current smartphone - and hopefully upgrade to something better - you want your money's worth. After all, why spend hundreds of dollars on a new phone every few years just to get a measly twenty-dollar bill at some kiosk in the mall? You deserve better. Your wallet deserves better. But can you trust an online company to follow through? In this article, we're going to talk about five things that make online smartphone sales not only worthwhile, but a positive experience that you'll want to repeat in the future.


Selling your phone in-person can be frustrating. Mall kiosks rarely pay more than fifty dollars for a decent smartphone, family or friends would rather buy something new, and buy-back stores offer pennies on the dollar. It doesn't help that you don't know how much cash will be offered until the time of sale. You've come all this way. You waited your turn. Are you really going to say no and walk away, just to repeat this process again later?

So, more often than not, we take the offer.

Using an online platform like Cellular Returns is far more convenient. Our process is as simple as 1, 2, 3. Request a free and accurate quote through our official website, print your free shipping label, send your package, and wait for your cash to arrive. It's really that simple.

Accurate Quotes

Kiosks and buy-back stores love to say, "We'll pay up to four hundred dollars for your smartphone!" But this bargain, much like those advertised by car dealerships for trade-ins, is hardly ever offered. Are you really going to argue with an expert about the condition of your phone? If he/she says the phone is worth twenty bucks, it must be true! The bottom line is, you can't argue with the reasoning of a mall kiosk or someone more interested in the bottom line than your personal profit.

At Cellular Returns, we provide the same accurate quote for each make and model of smartphone. You choose from several condition categories. As long as you provide honest information about your smartphone, your quote will be accurate from the get-go. We lock in quotes for fifteen business days, giving you time to think before you make a final decision.

Free Shipping

Sick of spending your hard-earned gas money driving from store to store, trying to sell a smartphone for far less than it's worth? Forget about it. Work with Cellular Returns and receive a free shipping label when the time comes to send your phone.

Fast Service

You might think selling your phone online will take far more time than making a sale in-person. This couldn't be further from the truth! Instead of gathering several offers from local stores and kiosks, get a single offer from Cellular Returns. Most of our sellers have their cash within a week of shipment. We even keep our sellers updated on the status of their transaction.

The Biggest Bang for Your Buck!

The main reason why you should use Cellular Returns for your smartphone sales? You get the biggest bang for your buck. Where mall kiosks offer twenty bucks, we offer hundreds. If your phone is worth the price, we'll pay it - no secrets, no lies, and no false advertisements.

At the time this article was published (12/18/2017), we offered the following quotes on Popular iPhones:

iPhone 5S - Verizon - $90 (64GB, Flawless), $85 (64GB, Good), $80 (32GB, Flawless), $75 (32GB, Good)

iPhone 6 - Verizon - $204 (128GB, Flawless), $195 (128GB, Good), $170 (64GB, Flawless), $160 (64GB, Good)

iPhone 7 - Verizon - $425 (256GB, Flawless), $405 (256GB, Good), $365 (128GB, Flawless), $350 (128GB, Good)

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