Written By: Cassandra Bondie

Each year, new smartphones are released by Samsung and Apple. While other phones are released during this time, the Galaxy series and the iPhone series are (by far) the most popular smartphones purchased on an annual basis.

If you are looking to upgrade your cell phone during this release cycle, which new smartphone should you choose? How should you decide?

Most smartphone owners purchase an upgrade of the phone they already own. For example, owners of a Galaxy S7 may purchase a Galaxy S8, while owners of an iPhone 6S may purchase an iPhone 7. During this season, however, hundreds of users make the switch from Samsung to Apple and vice-versa.

Does price fuel the switch or is something else at play?

When comparing iPhone and Android smartphones, several factors are prominent, including price, usability, phone features, applications, and overall design. The price point is currently one of the biggest deciding factors for shoppers. This encourages Android purchases since Android smartphones are typically more affordable.

Users also place a strong emphasis on usability – another area where Android reigns supreme. Samsung phones are famous for operation and customization capabilities.

On the other hand, users pay close attention to tools, memory, and available features. They also want accessibility to upscale applications and an overall design that “feels good.” In these areas, a shopper may be encouraged to purchase an iPhone.

We’ll take the Apple iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S8 as examples. Both phones offer 4G data, impressive front and rear cameras, mobile hotspots, similar weight and height, and near-field communication. While the Galaxy S8 is slightly larger in terms of height, weight, and thickness, the phones vary most greatly when it comes to memory and talk time.

The iPhone 7 offers 32 GB of non-expandable memory and 968 minutes of talk time. The Galaxy S8 offers 64 GB of expandable memory (up to 256 GB) and 1,200 minutes of talk time.

If memory and battery life are important to you, you’ll likely choose the Galaxy S8. If style is more important, you may choose the iPhone 7.

What other comparisons can be made between the brands?

1. When it comes to design, Android offers options while Apple offers polish. An iPhone is more appealing visually, but an Android smartphone allows you to personalize your experience.

2. iPhones are consistently updated, while Android updates are slow or don’t come through at all. In order to truly upgrade, you’ll need a new Android smartphone.

3. In terms of applications, Google has an “anything goes” policy for Android smartphones while Apple is incredibly strict. If you want options, an Android phone is best. If you want control, an iPhone is better.

4. Continuity-wise, Apple offers a more integrated experience with other devices created by the same company. Android devices are more difficult to connect.

Whatever smartphone you choose, reduce the cost of purchasing a new phone by trading your old device to to help finance a new model. We look forward to working with you!
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