Compare Smartphones

Compare Smartphones

Exploring Samsung, Apple, and Google

Written By: Cassandra Bondie

The holiday season is upon us. Are you thinking about upgrading your current smartphone? In this day and age, smartphone upgrades are so intense that switching brands altogether is never off the table. If you're ready to consider your options and Compare Smartphones, rather than remaining loyal to a single brand, there's never been a better time. In this article, we're going to explore the pros and cons of three major smartphone developers: Apple, Samsung, and Google.

Samsung Phones: Pros and Cons

Samsung is one of the oldest electronic device manufacturers in the business. They serve a global market and produce a variety of inventions ranging from smartphones to keyboards to tablets. There are a number of pros and cons to investing in the company when Comparing Smartphones.

Let's start with the pros. Samsung is reputable, with a massive following that appreciates efficient design. Samsung was the first to embrace the Android Operating System, which carries thousands of useful applications through the Google Play Store. All Samsung smartphones are durable and compact, with state-of-the-art features that reflect the latest technology. Prices are competitive and repairs are relatively easy.

On the other hand, Samsung requires high prices for modern technology. Other brands, such as LG and Huweii, offer many of the same features under the Android Operating System for half the price. Samsung devices typically have a low battery life and release cycles are frequent. Your phone will be out-of-fashion in two years or less.

Apple Phones: Pros and Cons

Apple is a market leader in smartphone production. Their phones are perhaps the most in-style and awaited devices in the electronics industry. To Compare Smartphones, you'll need to expand your viewpoint.

Again, we'll lead with the pros. Even though iOS (Apple's Operating System) is less preferred than Android, it offers many benefits of its own. iTunes and Apple offer hundreds of applications with features like Apple Pay and fingerprint recognition. The iPhone line boasts elegant design and the latest smartphone technology.

Still, iOS has its limitations, keeping many third-party applications from entering the market. It isn't a secret that Apple devices are the most expensive in the market, perhaps surpassing their tangible value in price.

Google Phones: Pros and Cons

We'll finish with Google, a company that speaks for itself, even when Comparing Smartphones. Google recently released its first line of popular smartphones - the Pixel. Google smartphones use the Android Operating System, but they compete with Apple and Samsung alike.

The Google Pixel has a quality build and feel. The camera is excellent. Users can take advantage of unlimited cloud storage for photo and video. Google also boasts a first-class digital assistant that's even better than Siri, its Apple counterpart. The Pixel uses a standard headphone jack and charges quickly.

Still, for all its perks, the Google Pixel has some downsides. The design is boring and Apple-esque. The phone isn't water-resistant or inexpensive. To top it off, the speaker is subpar and the speed leaves something to be desired. There are no wireless charging options and the display is rather dim in bright light. Google has some improvements to make before becoming a real competitor in the market. But we think it stands a fair chance.

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