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Cell For Cash

Selling Your Phone Through Cellular Returns

Written By: Cassandra Bondie

Over the past six months, three major smartphones have been released by Samsung and Apple. The Samsung Galaxy S8, the iPhone 8, and the iPhone X have domineered both the market and conversation. Because of their impressive upgrades and innovations, these smartphones are flying off the shelves, leaving consumers with electronics to spare. Many consumers are looking to Cell For Cash, using mall kiosks and third-party vendors to sell used devices. Rather than using unreliable third-party stores and kiosks that will pay a fraction of market value, visit Cellular Returns.

Cell For Cash

When you choose Cellular Returns, we make it easy to Cell For Cash. Our process is as simple as 1, 2, 3. Cellular Returns was established in January of 2012. Our CEO has been involved in the Telecommunications Industry since 1994. With more than eighteen years of experience in our industry, we have an extensive amount of contacts and experience to offer. For years, we've been a trusted resource for selling your personal and business devices. We have purchased thousands of new and used smartphones, tablets, and iPads. We've also developed an array of relationships with wholesalers, refurbish companies, and recycle facilities. Our team believes in customer service and giving you a fast, simple experience when you Cell For Cash. To learn more about our company, visit our About Page.

Cell Phone Repair

In addition to purchasing used electronic devices and smartphones, we offer Cell Phone Repair at Cellular Returns. Our process is quite straightforward. Get a free quote online, pack and send your device, and wait for your repair to arrive. We repair Samsung devices, iPhones, and iPads. Rather than waiting in line for hours at your local Apple Store, or attempting to solve the problem with small tools and a YouTube Tutorial, contact our team of experts. We'll return your device to your door - safe, sound, and ready for use. If we find extensive problems with your device when it arrives, we'll get in touch.

The Process

Once you've decided to Cell For Cash, visit our website at There, you can request a free and instant quote based on the make, model, storage, and condition of your device. This quote will last for fifteen business days. Keep in mind your quote may be revised if the phone we receive is different than described. Be honest!

If you're satisfied by your quote, and would like to continue with the sale, print your free shipping label. This label can be placed on any standard package. Pack and ship your phone to our shop. Then, wait for your cash to arrive. You will be informed if, for any reason, your quote has been revised.

We currently purchase Samsung and Apple smartphones, in addition to Google, HTC, and iPads. For more information about our Cell Phone Return Company, and how to Sell Your Device, call our team of experts at (855)-301-SELL.

Our Reviews

We find that our reviews speak for themselves. Here are several recent testimonials from our website:

"Received payment three days after shipping the iPhones. Payment was for the exact amount quoted. Super easy process and the highest price I've seen online. Will use again..." - Shannon C.

"I got a great offer for my old iPhone and was very, very happy doing business with this company. I loved not having to pay for shipping and, when I finally did send out my phone, my check came just a few days later! It was so fast and simple and I'm really glad I chose to sell my phone to them." - Alex

We also have a following on Facebook and Reseller Ratings. Here are two more recent reviews:

"In the past, I have traded my old cell phones to the carrier for credit or sold my phone on an auction site. However, I decided to try after I was given a low ball offer on my phone by the carrier and didn't want the hassle of listing on an auction site...I got the best offer at Sent in my phone (which was in excellent working condition) and, less than two weeks later, got what they had quoted me...I plan to recommend this service to everyone!" - Sapphira

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