Written By: Cassandra Bondie

Are you a huge football fan? Do you enjoy following NFL games on your smartphone? Prepare for this fall (and winter) season (and preseason) by exploring these useful applications – available in the Apple store.

1. Fox Sports Go

Whether or not you pay for cable, Fox Sports Go is available for you. Sign into the application with cable login credentials or your streaming service credentials. From there, you can watch live sporting events, including two NFL preseason games.

2. NBC Sports

This application is similar to Fox Sports Go. You can sign in using your streaming or cable TV credentials. Then, you can watch preseason games broadcasted by NBC on any Apple device, regardless of your location.

3. WatchESPN

ESPN owns broadcasting rights for several preseason football games. You’ll find the application is available whether you pay for cable or not. Access the service on all Apple devices and stream live games for no cost.

4. CBS All Access

This standalone streaming service will let you watch two preseason games broadcasted on CBS. You’ll have to pay $5.99 a month (or $9.99 a month for commercial-free viewing) for the service, but you’ll also gain access to a library of popular TV shows and movies. Not sure if you want to take the plunge? Try the seven-day free trial.

5. fuboTV

This streaming service allows you to access some of the applications listed above. In addition, it offers live streaming services. Availability depends on your location. You can choose to purchase a $35 monthly package in some areas. To determine what package works best for you, try the service free for seven days.

6. PlayStation Vue

Provided by Sony, this streaming service is another method you can use to stream preseason games. PlayStation Vue is perhaps the only simple way to watch all preseason games in one place, since channels are only available in certain locations. Not sure if you want to purchase the service? Experience the five-day free trial and make an educated decision from there.


You can stream your favorite football matches on USTREAM from any iOS device. You’ll have the opportunity to stream from different channel links with different available video qualities. To top it off, you can type your must-see game into the search bar and find a live link without flipping through dozens of channels. To conserve data, opt for a low-quality video link. To utilize Wi-Fi or unlimited data, opt for a high-quality video.

8. Live Football

This iOS application provides detailed match information and highlights, in addition to footage of live football matches around the world.

9. Livestream

Livestream keeps the world of sports at your fingertips. You can stream football, entertainment channels, and other sporting events. This is one of the top applications available to help you watch sports on your iPhone. It offers a feature-packed way to stream sports, news, music, and conferences.

Download just one of these applications, and you’ll never miss your favorite football game again.
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