Written By: Cassandra Bondie

The founder of Android, Andy Rubin, has created a new smartphone through his company Essential Products. The phone has been dubbed “the Essential phone” and is currently listed at seven hundred dollars in retail value.

With an edge-to-edge display that nearly covers the front panel of the device, the Essential has a thin dual camera system, magnetic connectors to create a dock (and to utilize various accessories), and a 360-degree camera (available for an additional fee). The connectors are being hailed as “revolutionary,” illustrating a concept called “modular phone.” This concept allows hardware pieces to be swapped as needed.

Essential Products will also sell a cordless docking station in the future. For now, the goal is to differentiate the smartphone from its competitors. It uses a titanium body and a ceramic back, which contrasts with the standard aluminum. Titanium doesn’t scratch or bend nearly as often as its counterpart. The Essential phone was tested on solid concrete and not only survived – but survived without any scratches.

Available in black, white, blue, and gray, the Essential phone is available for pre-order in the United States. All U.S. carriers will support the phone.

Rubin, who often competes with his former employer Google, is also working on a competitor for the Amazon Echo called “Home.” This smart assistant features a circular screen and can play music, give reminders, and more. Details will hopefully be made available later this year.

Many consumers have no idea who Andy Rubin is – or why Essential Products can compete with big players like Samsung and Apple. The answer can be found in impressive engineers.

Bloomberg shared this quote in a recent article:

“Essential’s engineers are developing a proprietary connector that serves double duty for charging the battery and expanding the phone’s functionality over time…the magnetic connector would allow Essential or even third parties to create hardware accessories that add features to the smartphone.”

The idea is to stand out from the pack – to be innovative, creative, and competitive. In the very near future, Essential Products could be the next Apple or Samsung cellular device mogul.

“Rubin has assembled a team of around forty people filled with former employees of Apple and Alphabet,” an article on The Verge read. “Trademarks for Essential have already been filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.”

The filing contains information about mobile phones, smartphones, computers, accessories, replacement parts, and more. Rubin, who left Google in 2014, intends to achieve advances in Artificial Intelligence and blow his competitors out of the water.

“Essential is said to be planning several products – both in mobile and for the smart home,” the Bloomberg reported said. “The highlight of these hardware efforts is a high-design smartphone meant to compete with Apple’s iPhone 8, Samsung’s Galaxy 8, the Google Pixel, and other flagship mobile devices. Rubin is aiming to launch the smartphone in mid-2017 and is already in discussions with Foxconn to manufacture it.”

While we wait for the smartphone to hit the shelves, one thing is clear. The competition can only grow from here.
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